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token login personal

IIG ID can be required here.

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It cannot contain points, spaces or underscores. It cannot begin with a hyphen or a number.

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Enter an at least 6 characters long password in the "Chosen IIG password" and token login personal IIG password confirmation" field, and this password cannot match the username. Questioning of the need for another email address naturally arises.

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Serious experiences show that correspondence related to university studies is easier for both students and teachers with use of an official ELTE email address. Information about the service: Gb storage capacity; mails are available from anywhere via the web interface outlook.

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Setup help is available here. As a freshman inyou have the opportunity to be the pioneer of ELTE's own private social media platform.

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At Mastodon, we can follow our new student mates, teachers, and experienced senior students, who can share their thoughts or important information, and you can also do the same later. More detailed user guide including all functions and regulations will be available later.

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In case of any problem or question, our operator colleagues will be at your disposal. Token login personal elte.

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