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To teach something, the application of a skill or knowledge of a given topic. Assessment, however has various forms.

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When talking about classroom assessment we tend to think about quizzes and tests, maybe exams. Assessing the knowledge one acquires is called summative assessment, whose aim is to measure the level of knowledge a students has acquired.

Assessment, however, has a different form, too, forex money exchange turku so called formative or continuous assessment.

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The function of such assessment is providing and motivating the learner with constant feedback. In the framework of such assessment students receive information on her performance and also on how she can improve that.

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The aim of the FAB project is to explore and improve the assessment practice of language teachers working in higher education institutions. The main objective of the project is to provide language teachers with appropriate formative assessment tools improving the quality of their work this way.

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Making students and teachers aware of the learning process is of utmost importance in the field of language education. The integration of formative assessment practices into the everyday practice of teachers greatly improve the motivation, commitment and responsibility of students towards learning.

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The activities of the FAB project include, an exploratory survey, transnational exchanges of experiences and workshops. The final output of the project will be a handbook on formative assessment best practices made for teachers.

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