Keressen további bevételi forrást

keressen további bevételi forrást

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Ever wondered how you can increase your streaming revenue and create new ways to receive a steady paycheck every month? By using the data provided by streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, you can make more targeted creative decisions. By looking at your streaming datayou can see which songs perform better than others.

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Ultimately, this means that you can understand which styles or moods perform better than others, where they perform well, and with which demographic by gender, age, and location. If you use TuneCore to release your musicyou can also use the Music Sales report to see how your songs have been performing. The number of saves is important because streams and listener numbers might not be enough to understand why a song is doing well. A song might be on a large playlist, and so it might look like you are getting a lot of streams, but it does not necessarily mean the listeners are engaging with the song directly.

How to Use Data to Boost Plays and Create New Revenue Streams

If they are saving a song to their music library, keressen további bevételi forrást means they want to keep listening to that song over and over. The first thing you should do when analyzing your data is to detect what your top performing five songs are and try to understand why those songs perform better than others.

Note down the mood and genre of these songs. Check out if they got placed into any playlists. By understanding which songs are performing well, you can create more songs based on that mood and style.

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Researching popular playlists and keywords Another great keressen további bevételi forrást to use data for your music is to understand playlists.

When you search and find a popular playlist, the first thing you should do is try to understand why it has so many followers. What makes it so attractive to so many people? Does the title of the playlist have catchy words? Are they focused on specific moods?

TuneCore Partners With TapInfluence: Helping Artists Connect With Brands

These are very useful questions to ask when you see a popular playlist to understand why. This is a perfectly solid and legitimate strategy to go about using data for making creative decisions. The most important thing here is to be authentic and maintain catalog consistency, however. You want to make a song in one of these genres, but which one should you choose?

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Where do you feel comfortable the most? The answer lies in authenticity. However, a house track might look odd for your artistic vibe. Keep in mind though: there are no concrete rules when it comes to music. Balvin while switching back to her flamenco roots every once in a while.

She can justify this with her artistic identity, and as long as you can justify it, there are no problems. Create the song and roll it out After doing your research and understanding what kind of track would perform well, we can jump into the creation phase.

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The most important thing here is to maintain your artistic identity and still sound like yourself, but with a new twist and a fresh perspective. The rest is up to you. Then, we can jump to the next phase, which is playlisting.

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Once you find a couple of playlists that you think would be a good fit, find the curator of each playlist and send them a short but concise message.

Your message should include a short description of your music and your link.

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Make sure you follow their playlists and share them on your social media accounts. Reciprocity is very important when you are asking for things from people.

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Keressen további bevételi forrást the end, user generated playlist placements are great to build up your numbers and your analytics! Final words This post should give you a nice starting point to analyze your data and understand which songs perform better and why. As artists, we are fortunate enough to have the streaming data about our songs available at our fingertips.

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This is incredible information that was not even remotely available just a few years ago, except for major label artists. By using the streaming data, we can not only make more targeted creative decisions, but also boost our overall revenue.

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